"Golden Boy" is the first episode of the third series of Escape Velocity. In the chronology it follows S2E05 No Quarter Given and precedes S3E02 Mod Cons.

Synopsis Edit

Thane and Sarque are injured from their vacuum exposure in S2E05 No Quarter Given, so May flies them to a medical centre in Peters Terminal, Bedaho and checks them in under false identities. Sarque recovers first and contacts Director Haggarty at the Federal Intelligence Service, agreeing to bring Thane and May in for questioning and the Escape Velocity flight computer as evidence.

Eros Stallion arrives on the station, having detected the appearance of the Escape Velocity in system. He uses two mercenaries to track Thane. Thane wakes from treatment and panics after realising he is in Bedaho, knowing that Stallion will come for him. After locating him, Stallion tortures Thane in a decompression chamber and hunts him through the engineering decks of the station. Before Stallion can pull the trigger, Sarque arrives and shoots him, saving Thane.

Meanwhile May has been using the station computers to learn more about Van Maanen's Star, the system him her dreams, and the Echidna Corporation. She discovers a deleted work by a genetic scientist, Dr Linsky and contacts him for information but he refuses. May uses the transmission to track his location.

Dallas returns to Uroland to confront Colmack Reeve, violently extracting information about him regarding Thane's whereabouts. Reeve reveals Thane and Sarque's injuries and Dallas sets off in pursuit. He arrives in the Bedaho system shortly after the Escape Velocity has departed.

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Cast/Characters Edit

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