Escape Velocity is the name, given by Elias Thane, to a Merlin Class Fighter he stole from the Uroland system. The original owner was Eros Stallion and the original designation was Marathon Lover. Elias Thane painted the new designation over the original name and changed the ship IP transponder at a black market station.

This ship is designed for long-term use by a single pilot. However, due to the demands of travelling with multiple occupants, Elias Thane upgraded the internal makeup to include a passenger cabin (S2E02 Little Girl Lost), which came with it's own additional oxygen cycling circuit and allowed the Merlin to support three occupants without ill effects.

The ship is fitted with a fuel and cargo scoop. The crew underwent a hazardous fuel scooping operation in S1E03 Into the Fire, and the Cargo Scoop has been used twice to recover crew from outside the ship, S2E03 Escape to the Frontier and S3E05 No Quarter Given.

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